Billy Sharp – Emerging

While growing up, Billy Sharp and his mother didn’t have much. “There was always someone or a community organization there to lend a hand.” Sharp says it is, “Very important to pay the debt I feel I owe.” As the President of the Urban League Guild (ULG), he regularly collaborates with organizations and actively seeking needed resources to give back to the community. The organization provides job/career assistance, computer training, and holistic services designed to be a “hand up and not a handout,” equipping people for independence, eliminating the need to return.

The grassroots, hands-on, foot soldier enlists volunteers who share his compassion and commitment. Monthly he serves up to 600 families and 7,000 individuals. It includes monthly food and personal protective equipment (PPE) distribution, a literacy project, voter registration, the 2020 Census and holiday turkey and toys giveaways.

Sharp is also the HR Manager for four McDonald’s franchises where he’s responsible for employing hundreds, helping the youth get acclimated to the work force.