TSOPCLE Exhibition, Celebrate Those Who Give Black, is a collection of historic and contemporary stories and images about Black philanthropy in our region. It was created through community nominations that recognized multiple emerging philanthropists, young philanthropists, and hidden philanthropists. Through the many faces and stories of community generosity, we celebrate those who give Black.

The exhibit, presented by The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland, a collaboration of African American nonprofit, business, civic leaders and allies across Northeast Ohio showcases the impact of African-American philanthropy through meaningful visual arts while promoting all levels of community and spotlighting the valuable good works of the social sector.

The Celebrate Those Who Give Black exhibit opened at the Cleveland History Center September 6, 2019 and remained on display through early 2020. This inaugural Cleveland exhibition is designed to tell the story of Black philanthropy in Cleveland by honoring the past, celebrating the present and inspiring the future. The physical exhibit will travel to other locations throughout the region. Continue reading to explore the exhibit content at home.

The characteristics, impact, and legacy of African-American charitable giving is an untold narrative in the story of American philanthropy. Black communities have significant giving power. Two-thirds of Black households give $11 billion charitable dollars. Despite Black households just having six percent of the wealth of white households, they give 25 percent more than their white counterparts. Traditional philanthropy does not account for the many informal giving pathways in which African-American communities participate, and tend to overlook people of color in traditional giving spaces.

The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland (TSOPCLE) is a collaboration of civic and community leaders, volunteer activists and philanthropists in Greater Cleveland. They united to create a vehicle that will educate and inform audiences about the rich history of African-American charitable giving. Inspired by TSOP, the TSOPCLE Exhibition tells the stories of philanthropy and empower communities of color.