Steve Minter

The Executive Committee of The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland (TSOPCLE) and our entire team of Steering Committee members and volunteers, mourn the loss of Mr. Steven A. Minter, one of our “Celebrate Those Who Give Black” Exhibition Honorees

A Philanthropic Life

During our recent TSOPCLE Opening/Awards Ceremony on September 6, 2019, we publicly recognized Steve Minter’s long and rich legacy of philanthropy. In fact, Mr. Minter’s work so many years ago, created momentum for increased philanthropy in northeast Ohio’s African American communities. As such, it can be said that Steve Minter birthed the movement that inspired “The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland”, along with the two entities “Celebrate Those Who Give Black”™ and “The Cleveland Black Equity and Humanity Fund” that will remain and deliver value after the exhibition closes in December

Mr. Steve Minter with his daughter, Robyn Minter Smyers, after receiving a Legacy Award at The Soul of Philanthropy Cleveland ribbon cutting ceremony