Cherish Jackson – Emerging

During a severe panic attack, Cherish Jackson gazed out a window and saw a bouquet of flowers. She focused on an orange daisy, its petals, thorns, and color. After 20 minutes, Jackson was calm. Now, whenever she gets an attack, she looks for an orange daisy.

Through Orange Daisies LLC, the mental health and bath company she founded, Jackson offers breathing and coping techniques such as hydrotherapy, art and dance therapy. Diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder, OCD, and psychophysiologic insomnia, Jackson often shares what she’s learned from her sessions. Realizing that some people with mental health disorders can benefit from bathing with specific essential oils, she offers bath products and essential oils. There are 26 essential oils that help 26 disorders. Bath bombs, body scrubs, hair hydration, books and hygiene sprays can be purchased from her website.

She is also a special education teacher who works with students with moderate to intense autism. Jackson gives parents hope that their child can develop to work, live independently and experience an amazing life.