Linda Lanier – Hidden Philantrophist

In 2017, Linda Lanier applied for a grant from Cuyahoga Community College to “do something positive.”

That $500 grant produced a breakfast supporting young Black women suffering from many of life’s difficulties.

That breakfast morphed into the Black Diamonds Conference where up to 1,000 women and girls attend. Young women from high school to college participate in activities throughout the year leading to the conference. The workshops address mental and physical health, education and occupational opportunities, and financial stability.

Black Diamonds strongly believes in providing an opportunity for young Black women to be empowered by Black women. It gives them the opportunity to see examples from someone who looks like them. Black Diamonds offers a place of support and dispels the myth that Black women don’t support each other. They are introduced to female pilots, judges, engineers, medical doctors, educators, writers…to let them know that they can also strive for these careers.

“Diamonds are created out of pressure,” said Linda. “We want to show that women are resilient. Instead of hearing about Black women from a deficit, Black Diamonds honors women from a place of strength.”