Veranda Rodgers – Hidden

Since 2014, Veranda Rodgers has inspired over 5,000 women and children through Pregnant with Possibilities (PWP), a non-profit organization focused on erasing the stigma around teen motherhood.  Pregnant at 16, Rodgers, like many women in her family, felt that she couldn’t move forward with her education or career goals.

PWP also addresses high infant mortality in Black babies which is double the rate of white babies.

Understanding that healthcare professionals may lack cultural competency when treating Black women, Rodgers serves as a community program facilitator, and health coordinator connecting resources and raising funds for schools, community organizations and contractors.

Rodgers created an annual Mommy and Me Ball, now in its fourth year. The event incorporates positive interaction between families, offers literacy tools, and helps build stronger community bonds.

Rodgers is looking forward to building a temporary residential housing facility for teen mothers to combat housing disparities. The structured housing environment will allow mothers to work on life skills that include workforce development, parenting, stress management and financial literacy.